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Mon Dec 15, 2008 8:58 am by Admin


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TEVW Introduction

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TEVW Introduction

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 15, 2008 8:58 am

We are TEVW - TheEtaVikingWarriors
By nature we are neither militant nor tolerant, any provocation will be paid back twice. Don't mess with us, we are tough guys, who don't tolerate provocations, as well as we do NOT tolerate island leeches, as we consider it to be provocation.

But we are not so tough, that we pillage new players. Unless they are inactive, players with less than 5000 point highscore can feel safe.

We think everyone has an ethic obligation, to let new players colonize and grow. We all have an ethic obligation not to attack players on islands where we are colonized. The only exceptions are, if they are leeches or they attack us or if we are at war with them, then we will teach them a lesson the hard way, untill they understand that cooperation is good for all and for the island.

Every member play the game as he like it. We will never tell you what to do, or demand anything against your will. The most important thing is to be very loyal to your alliance, members and rules - and never forget the ethic rules.

If you have 50000 points + 1000 general score, and accept the following requirements, you are very welcome to join us.
If not there is our academy EVW-A

1* Your finest and most important task is to contribute as much as possible to our mutual high scores

2* You are an active player. Inactive players get kicked. (If you want to stay, you better choose vacation mode),

3* You are loyal against the alliance, its members and rules, as well as our ethic rules.

4* You are helpful and respectful, never using nasty language.

5* You never attack or pillage some alliance members or those we have agreements with, as well as players with a score less than 10000 highscore points, or players on your own islands, unless they are inactive.

6* You do not cheat when you buy, sell or trade goods, by *forgetting* to send goods, or by changing an agreed price.

7* You contribute well to the upgrading of the island's resources. At least 5-10% of the daily proceeds. You must donate to both mill and mine on each island. Remember, we do not tolerate leeches / spongs.

8* Violation of the rules may result in being removed from the alliance.

To apply you need an enbassy.

1* Click on the embassy. At the bottom of the page click on "Search for alliance".

2* Enter the name TEVW(main alliance-points needed 50000+), EVW-A(academy lower then 50000 points) and click on Search. At the bottom of the page the alliance appears.

3* Click on handshake icon and write a message. Tell why you want to be a member, your scores and your experience, e.g. if you have an account in an other Ikariam world.

4* Click on Send. The application is now sent to our minister.

5* If you get no reply within 1-3 days, your application is lost. - Try again .-

Peace Treaty:

-- UIF - United Isle Forces

-- GEA - Gods Elite Army

-- LMAO - No Worries

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